About DBAK

IT’s in Our Nature

Who Is DBAK?

Founded in 2005, DBAK is a national IT consulting firm that specializes in Oracle technology, database management, software licensing services, and cloud computing solutions. We align IT with strategic business objectives by providing guidance, problem solving, and assistance with new technologies. This enables IT executives to get the most from their Oracle and IT investment. To ensure lasting results, DBAK mentors customer IT personnel establishing new processes and best practices.

Why Choose DBAK?

IT departments and Oracle users from discerning enterprise and mid-market companies choose DBAK for the alignment, guidance, problem solving and lasting results that come from a customer-focused consulting firm…


Our 3 Primary Services

IT Consulting

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Oracle Licensing

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Cloud Computing

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DBAK Management:
Experienced, Customer-Focused Executives

DBAK’s management team is made up of seasoned technology executives with an individual average of 20+ years of industry experience. This means your company receives guidance…


What Are the Benefits of Working with DBAK?

  • Align IT with Strategic Business Goals
  • Optimize IT/Oracle Investment
  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Reduce Time-to-Value


DBAK in the Community

DBAK is passionate about the betterment of our local communities. Every year, on a corporate and individual level, DBAK supports a wide-range of charities and non-profit…


Partner Ecosystem

DBAK partners with leading technology vendors and services providers to deliver a diverse, flexible offering that addresses almost any IT need. From leading, global brands…


Core Values

  • Customer Focused
  • Alignment
  • Simplifying the Complex
  • Passion for IT
  • Results Driven
  • Guidance & Mentoring
  • Problem Solving Via Innovation
Strong Reputation
"DBAK and Ed are a great asset to any organization utilizing Oracle. They have the combination of the intimacy of a smaller boutique shop but the expertise and connections of a large Oracle SI. I have always found these abilities and deliveries to be some of the best I've experienced (both inside and outside the Oracle ecosystem)."

Retail Company, CIO