Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Flexible – Cost-Effective – Innovative

What Are Cloud Infrastructure Solutions?

Cloud infrastructure solutions comprise network-accessed storage, servers and network resources in public (shared), hybrid (customer connected), or private (dedicated) configurations to address IT challenges. In many cases, hardware is owned by a cloud services provider and allocated on-demand for maximum agility. Clouds feature virtualization technology such as Oracle and VMware.

DBAK Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

DBAK cloud infrastructure solutions provide access to a wide-variety of cloud resources from low-cost public cloud servers and storage to high-performance, maximum uptime compliant cloud data centers. Our infrastructure as a service offering is can be combined with our platform as a service, database as a service, software as a service, and strategic partner offerings to address almost any customer need in the cloud.

Why Choose DBAK?

DBAK offers superior flexibility thanks to decades of Oracle experience and access to 50 cloud offerings by way of ArrowSphere. Our experts understand the nuances and contractual obligations of cloud deployments and take tedious, confusing tasks and turn them into automated, well-oiled machines. DBAK can save you money, increase business agility, and maximize efficiency amongst other benefits.

What Are the Benefits of DBAK Cloud Infrastructure Solutions?

Flexible Offering

Customizable to meet your company’s specific needs

Cost Effective

Buy only what you need with DBAK. Avoid excess spend.

Innovative Solutions

Using the latest technology to drive maximum value.

Strong Reputation
"I’ve had the privilege of working with DBAK for over ten years now. In all of that time DBAK has consistently provided expert advice, outstanding results and exceptional value. Whether we’re working on licensing and maintenance or a full-scale data center consolidation, DBAK can be counted to exceed expectations every time."

Mobility Company, IT Executive